After first promising results out of our field test with the soil-improvement product SoilBack we initiated a pilotstudy for industrial open biocomposting. We found a partner in the very successfull city of Leer in Ostfriesland / Germany.

We setup 4 huge earth heaps. Each about 165m³. 2 consist of 100% green biological waste und 2 mixed with cutted brushwood. From each type we added one heap with 5kg / m³ of Soilback. Every 3 weeks the heaps are repositioned. First results are very positiv.

Please see below the findings.


During the process the reached temperatures were higher and more stable with SoilBack than without

Temperaturverlauf V1V21606.pdf
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Temperaturverlauf V1V21606-2.pdf
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Temperaturverlauf V3V4.pdf
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By using SoilBack the smell was significantly better than without. After 6 weeks there was nearly no smell

Mietenspiegel Versuch SoilBack_ Daten 21
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Compost quality

Comparing the heaps with and without SoilBack the material seem to be faster in the process and of higher quality. SoilBack will help to reduce processtime and therefore increase the capacity of composting plants.

Rottegradbestimmung 3 Umsatz.pdf
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For the future we see possible new fields of application:

- Safe chemical fertilizers in traditional agriculture with identical harvest

- Change traditional agriculture to pure biological agriculture -> safe time in the transition period

- repair overfertilized soils and recultivate desert land for agriculture purpose