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Your garden can look so impressive with SoilBack.

Price per kg = 2,50 Euro inclusive VAT


15kg bag = 37,50 Euro including VAT


Bulk sale in BigBag 1,50 Euro per kg incl. VAT

Official label of our organic fertilizer
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Soil improvement:

By digging up the soil with SoilBack for new or existing floors, the soil structure improves in very short time. The harvested fruits have a better vitality and the taste is so intensive – like at grandmothers time.

Organic garbage can:

As a contribution to the organic garbage can the bad smell disappears and after approximately 40 days everything is fertilized to ready to use garden mould.

Compost catalyst:

By continously adding small portions of SoilBack in change with new garden garbage, the fermentation will increase tremendously. Instead of 2 years only 8 month.

Balcony flower pot:

By using the ready to use SoilBack the flowers bloom intensively the whole season.