How SoilBack should be used?


In the garden


Beds / cold frames – one part SoilBack concentrate has to be mixed with 20 parts of topsoil. Then you have to work in the material approx. 5 cm deep in the soil. In case that you want to plant or seed (new bed). Please work in 1 week before and then allow to rest. Plants with high debilitation grade should be feed several times. (2 hands of concentrate on 10 liters water). Please use spray nozzle with water cane.


Trees and roses please fertilize after planting only. Quantity: per m² approx. 400 gr. Bring out material same as you scatter compost.


Roses have to be fertilized 4 times per year. IMPORTANT: 1’st feeding has to be done in November so that the nutrients are available next spring near the roots when the plant starts growing. 2’nd to 4’th feeding in Apr/Mai/June. Quantity: per m² approx. 400 gr. Mix (1:20) or alternative: 2 hands concentrate on 10 liter water. Please use spray nozzle with water cane


Rhododendron is a moor plant and because its growing on sour soils mostly feeding with mineral fertilizers isn’t possible as in such soils no soil animals are available. With SoilBack you have find remedy for this. Quantity: per m² approx. 400 gr. Mix (1:20) or alternative: 2 hands concentrate on 10 liter water. Please use spray nozzle with water cane


Lawn should be fertilized in spring and autumn anyway 3 time per year is recommended. Quantity: per m² approx. 400 gr. Mix (1:20) you should scatter the material like turf. This could happen before or after thatching. If weather is dry please water the field.


Greenhouses / Jardinineries


For private purposes we recommend our SoilBack ready to use mix. For the refeeding (depending on the plants you use) use the concentrate 2 hands with 10 liters water (Please use spray nozzle with water cane). You can also feed with the mixture your plants or vegetable gardens.


Professional greenhouse operators and operators of tree farms should use the concentrate in agreement with us as we expect a higher input of nitrogen on these soils.


Compost fastener for your compost

By continuous insertion of small quantities (4-5 hands concentrate) in change with new garden waste the rotting will be quickened extremely. Instead of 2 years approx. 8 months.


Organic waste collection bin

Used as addition to the collection bin the bad smell disapears and within approx. 40 days you get usable humus. From time to time bring in 2 hands of the SoilBack concentrate until 1.000 gr are reached - afterwards processing runs automatically. Optimal is when you mix the ingredients all 10 days. Please be aware that you only use up to 20% of green waste or tree cut, otherwise the fertilization time will extend.


On the field / acre


Here we recommend our concentrate. You begin by scattering approx. 10 Kg/m² evenly onto the soil. Then you work in the material approx. 10 cm deep in the soil resulting a mix ratio of 1:20. Now allow the field 1 week to rest. Further on you can bring out the seed directly. We recommend depending on the used plants (debilitation grade) to feed the plants for 2 to 3 times. Therefore please mix one part SoilBack with 20 parts of topsoil. If you like to feed in liquid form mix 4-5 Kg Soil Back concentrate with 100 liters of water before bringing it out.


You have used for years mineral fertilizers like nitrogen and highly debilitating plants as for example  corn and your soils became therefore extremely sour (without living organism – means that the soil is biological dead!). Your fields are containing clay in high concentration or are sandy light – you will be surprised how fast our little helpers (living organism/soil nutrients) rebuild a natural crumb.


You have used for years mineral fertilizers on your fields. Now you have come to the decision or you like to prepare it, that you want to change in environmental sustainable treatment. Usually you now have to wait some years before you’ll get the allowance to produce ecological products which could be declared with the highly demanded ecological seal. By using SoilBack you’ll shorten this time of waiting.


If you want a bigger quantity we are prepared to supply you with packing in big bags also. Don’t hesitate asking us we pass an individual offer onto you. Please consider in this case that our company is a start up and therefore we need some preparation time.