A question of taste

As folks say, taste is a thing to discuss about. We have the opinion that regarding the conservation of taste on vegetables and fruits you can't discuss about. Who likes today to have a bite in tomatoes or cucumber if the origin on the package shows a fully optimized food factory as the producer?


The products look indeed crunchy having an extremely extended preservability but bad or no taste. This fact has established itself as consumer standard in the meantime and the consumer majority has accepted this as they like or have to buy cheap.


Strawberries from Spain or tomatoes or other products from the Netherlands have in common big earnings and great plants or fruits which taste mostly like nothing. A further similarity is the permanently over fertilization of the fields with nitrogen. This causes indeed a maximum of earnings and size of the plants but obviously to the disadvantage of taste. The used nitrogen is enlarging the cell membrane so that the cell stores more water – this is the reason why it taste bad to us. All flavors have been diluted - respectively replaced by water.


But You can work against this!


Application of mineral nitrogen fertilization means that not only the cells store more water but also that only a small part of the used material will be absorbed by the plant. The rest remains in the ground and causes, if the quantity is too big, that the natural resistance of the plant will disappear. Further another part of it will be washed out by rainfalls into the groundwater as the soils couldn't cover water because of the high compression – also caused by using too heavy machines.


Everybody who is working with our “SoilBack” against those unnatural procedures will be on the right track to get a good taste. Our very active soil organism are eating the remaining rests of nitrogen in our soils and excrete them. Now our Humus passes over a part of its own nitrogen and the digested rests as plant available compound to the plant saving up a further part for the longtime fertilization. The plant is now ready for using its full power for growing and will show due to the fact that its served with all important nutrients a deeper root system and healthy growing in addition.. By using “SoilBack”, plants will be produced containing overall more cells without having to store more water in their membranes. In this moment the plant is bigger as usual – but the taste became more intensively –a taste as in grandma's time.

About this we wouldn't and

couldn't discuss – never!