Together for Sustainability And a better Environment


Soil Back

 to nature

Your contribution to sustain-ability. The uncontrolled exploitation gets stoped and the nature continously used and no more irreversible damaged. We bring the soil back to its natural setup.




To extend the usage of SoilBack, we ordered a study that shows how is the influence of SoilBack to the natural fertilization process for 100% organic biological waste. The studie is performed in northern Germany close to the city of Leer. If you like please contact us, so we can show you the setup:


Pilotstudy in Leer/Ostfriesland:

What do we offer

Bring the nature back to her natural circle of life with the help of  SoilBack and the vitality of the  soil will increase tremendously.


The benefits of our mixture:

Our self-developed natural soil improver will convince you too. During our own field-study we could find out the following features:

  • Improvement of soil structure
  • Nutrients increase
  • Plants are growing stronger through deeper grounding
  • Significantly less weed
  • Increased soil biota exploit the existing nutrients and make them available for the plants.
  • The soil can store water for longer time

How does our product work

The soil quality is improving continuously, so even formerly mineral fertilized soil can recover and come back into its natural balance. In the past most fertilization happened chemically without respect to the natural circle of life. Harvesting happened continuously (taken out) and nothing was given back to the soil (soil biota).

With SoilBack the soil gets ist natural soil biota back.



The maximum in growth is dependent to the minimum in soil bacteria



  • Organice substance:          66%
  • Nitrogen:                         ca. 3%
  • Phosphoric acid:              ca. 3%
  • Potassium:                       ca. 4%
  • Lime:                                 ca. 11%

Our performance






Even for exhausted soils an increased harvest is possible in very short time.

Our soil improver can help you to plant and harvest during the same season without waiting for one year.

At the moment we developed four products:

  • Soil improvement
  • Organic garbage can turbo
  • Compost catalyst
  • Balcony flower pot soil


SoilBack is offered in different quantities and qualities:

Concentrate: 10 / 20 / 50 litre

Our Guarantee:

SoilBack contains no sludge and no industrial waste!
SoilBack is continously analyzed by an independent lab.